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Southern Appalachian Nature Photographers

SANP Photography Challenges

At least once a quarter a Photography Challenge will be held for current members only. These Challenges are meant to provide members with the opportunity to create images under specified conditions and constraints. They are also an opportunity for members to interact and develop an appreciation for each person’s individual talents and creativity.

Any active SANP member may participate in a Challenge and may also sponsor new Challenges. Photographs submitted by participants are saved to a Challenge Gallery on the SANP Zenfolio website, where anyone can view them once judging is finished. Photographs submitted after each challenge are judged by a team of volunteer member judges, who vote for first, second, and third place winners. Winners from each Challenge are

L_Flanagan announced on the Zenfolio website. and the SANP Facebook page. 

Club members may sign up for a Challenge by following link on the Events page. 

The February 2023 challenge is at Stanley Greenhouse in Knoxville. See details.

More information can be viewed below.

                                                                                                         Photo Copyright A. Flanagan

Congratulations to the winners

November 2022
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1st: B. Cottrell
2nd: A Barber
3rd: A. Barber

August 2022
View Gallery

1st: J. Benhayon & N. Baban
2nd: J. Benhayon
3rd: R. Shrieves & R. Shrieves

May 2022
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1st: A. Koschan & K. Plaas
2nd: A. Flanagan
3rd: A. Flanagan

February 2022
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1st: Y. Daischen
2nd: A. Koschan
3rd: K. Plaas & A. Barber

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Southern Appalachian Nature Photographers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located near the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee.
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