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High Rise by Laura Cappozola
High Rise by Laura Capozzola, HM, 2017 Salon, Altered Nature Category.

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Sharing the Awareness of Nature through Photography

Message from our President:

I hope all of you have remained healthy, both physically and mentally, through all of the craziness of the past two months. Unfortunately, Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church decided to keep their facilities closed through the month of May, which prohibits SANP being able to meet. I had planned on having our normal meeting on May 26 if the facilities had been open. On the bright side, both of our scheduled speakers from this spring are going to give their presentations when we start back up in the fall. Steve Zigler will speak at the August 25 meeting, and Joe Anderson will speak at the September 29 meeting.

I hope many of you have been able to get out and photograph this spring. I decided at the beginning of all this mess to not be thwarted in my pursuit of photographing springtime in East Tennessee, and thankfully I have had a very productive two months. GSMNP being closed forced me to go some places where I haven't spent much time photographing in recent years. I have also spent quite a bit of time photographing birds around my feeders. As usual, I've also been driving a lot of back roads looking for beautiful scenery.

I hope everyone is able to photograph this summer, whether you travel or just stay home. Don't be discouraged! Look for new photographic opportunities, both near and far. Learn to broaden your photographic vision and capture what you see.

Kendall Chiles

The May 2020 issue of the SANP newsletter is now available.

Location for meetings:
Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church has closed its Ramsey Cascades Room due to the corona virus recommendations. We will post updates for future meeting plans on the website.

2020 Salon

Winners of the 2020 Salon have been added to the SANP Zenfolio website. Visit to see winners and other entries.

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Membership dues for SANP's fiscal year are due in January of each year. To join, complete our current membership form and mail to Southern Appalachian Nature Photographers, Attention Brad Cottrell (email, 7432 Huntland Drive, Knoxville, TN 37919.

Reminder to SANP Members:

Do you have a great photo experience you want to share with fellow club members? If so, please send your photo and the story behind it to We will try to feature it in the newsletter as soon as we can.

Remember, to use your photos on the website or in the newsletter other than those submitted to the Salon, we need an email addressed to granting permission. So please send us one if you haven't already done so.