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Southern Appalachian Nature Photographers

Upcoming events

No upcoming events. Check back for updates.

Past events

02/27/2024 Lessons From the Forest “What Bears Have Taught and Continue Teaching Me.”
01/30/2024 Annual Meeting, Massey Disginguished Award, and Jack Graham
01/13/2024 CANCELED Sandhill Crane Field Event
01/01/2024 February 2024 SANP Photo Challenge
12/09/2023 Lightroom Classic by Dave Kelly
11/17/2023 2023 SANP Salon and Banquet
10/31/2023 October SANP Club 2023 Meeting
10/01/2023 November 2023 SANP Photo Challenge - Members Only
09/26/2023 September SANP Club 2023 Meeting
09/09/2023 32nd Annual Cherokee Fall Festival
08/29/2023 August Club 2023 Meeting
08/05/2023 2023 August Photo Challenge - Members Only
06/27/2023 June Meeting: How Judges View Images in a Contest
06/25/2023 Upper Piney Falls, Lower Piney Falls & Stinging Fork Falls
06/16/2023 Gregory Bald for the Azaleas
06/10/2023 Intentional Camera Movement Field Event - Members Only
06/04/2023 Ramsey Cascades Is Open, Let's Go
05/28/2023 Cades Cove Morning Walk
05/23/2023 May Club Meeting featuring Steve Zigler
05/17/2023 TVA Wetlands and Whatever Is Out
04/29/2023 Midnight Hole, The Cathedral, and Mouse Creek Falls
04/25/2023 April Club Meeting featuring Sharon Wright Cottrell
04/17/2023 PHOTOSHOP CREATIVITY Virtual Summit
04/07/2023 Something Different in Cades Cove
04/01/2023 2023 May Photo Challenge - Members Only
03/30/2023 March Club Meeting
03/26/2023 Seven Islands Birds and More
03/05/2023 Cades Cove Spring Walk
02/28/2023 February 2023 Club Meeting featuring Nye Simmons
02/11/2023 February Photo Challenge - Members Only
02/04/2023 Early Morning Sandhill Cranes at Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge Area
01/21/2023 SANP Print Image Salon, Annual Meeting & 30th Anniversary Celebration
12/17/2022 Sandhill Cranes at Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge Area
11/29/2022 Nov Club Meeting featuring Cyndy B. Waters
11/05/2022 November 2022 SANP Photo Challenge
10/29/2022 Indian Flat Waterfalls GSMNP
10/25/2022 October 2022 Meeting - Kendall Chiles
10/15/2022 Cades Cove Early Morning
10/08/2022 Oconaluftee Elk in the Evening
10/08/2022 Cataloochee Elk in Early Morning
10/03/2022 DIY Mat and Print Assembly
09/27/2022 September Club Meeting - Featuring Ken Jenkins
08/30/2022 August 2022 Club Meeting
08/24/2022 How to Assemble Prints For Salon
08/20/2022 Heritage Center Greenway Powerhouse Trail
08/13/2022 Bears, Birds and Butterflies
08/07/2022 August Photo Challenge
07/26/2022 July Meeting - Speaker Steve Zigler
07/23/2022 Kyker Bottoms Adventure With Bob
07/16/2022 Birds, Flowers, Frogs and More
07/10/2022 Flowers of Cades Cove
07/04/2022 Sunflowers, Birds, Caterpillars, & Bees
07/02/2022 Heritage Center Greenway Powerhouse Trail
06/28/2022 June 2022 Club Meeting
06/25/2022 UPDATED Carvers Gap to Grassy Ridge Bald by the AT
05/31/2022 May Club Meeting
05/30/2022 Cades Cove Memorial Day
05/29/2022 TVA Wetlands and Whatever You May Find
05/28/2022 Rhododendron Creek Trail Cascades
05/07/2022 May Photo Challenge
04/29/2022 Florida Bird Trip
04/26/2022 Meeting April 26 at 7 PM, featuring Sharon Wright Cottrell
04/23/2022 Cades Cove Before Repaving II
04/16/2022 Wildflowers at Frozen Head
04/09/2022 Wildflowers at Frozen Head -- cancelled
04/02/2022 Porters Creek Trail Wildflowers
03/26/2022 Cades Cove in the Spring
03/22/2022 Club Meeting Event
03/19/2022 TVA Wetlands and Whatever You May Find In March
03/05/2022 Eagles at Douglas Dam
03/05/2022 Heritage Center Greenway Powerhouse Trail
02/27/2022 Eagles at Douglas Dam CANCELED
02/26/2022 Cades Cove Pre-Spring
02/22/2022 February Club Meeting
02/05/2022 February Photo Challenge
01/25/2022 January 2022 Meeting
01/10/2022 2022 Digital Image Salon Entries
12/31/2021 Sunset with Sandhill Cranes at Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge
12/26/2021 Sandhill Cranes at Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge Area
11/23/2021 November Club Meeting
10/26/2021 October Club Meeting with Ron McConathy
10/23/2021 Rhododendron Creek Trail Cascades in the Fall
10/13/2021 Focus Stacking Workshop--take 3
10/02/2021 Cataloochee, Elk, Palmer Chapel and Old Homes
09/30/2021 Focus Stacking Workshop--take 2
09/28/2021 September Meeting with Kendall Chiles
09/26/2021 Elk and a Sunset
09/23/2021 Hatfield Knob Elk Viewing Tower
09/11/2021 Sunrise from Clingmans Dome
08/31/2021 August Meeting with Roger Trentham
08/28/2021 Cades Cove Early Morning Visit
08/14/2021 Heritage Center Greenway Powerhouse Trail
08/07/2021 Sunrise from Clingmans Dome
07/31/2021 TVA Wetlands and Whatever You May Find
07/28/2021 Focus Stacking Workshop
07/27/2021 July Meeting with Mike Matthews
07/24/2021 Dragon Flies, Bees and Flowers,etc
07/17/2021 Sunflowers, Birds, Caterpillars, & Bees
07/09/2021 Milky Way Photography - Foothills Parkway
06/29/2021 June Meeting with David Swindler
06/19/2021 Rhododendron Creek Trail Cascades
06/12/2021 Lost Creek Falls, Fall Creek Falls plus, Twin Falls
05/25/2021 May Meeting with Darrell Gulin, a Canon Explorer's of Light
05/15/2021 Indian Flat Waterfalls GSMNP
05/08/2021 2 in 1, Sunrise at Luftee and Mingus Mill
05/01/2021 Mouse Creek Falls and Midnight Hole Waterfalls
04/27/2021 April 27 Meeting: Interpretive Photography In America’s National Parks
04/25/2021 Potluck Wildflowers
04/18/2021 Frozen Head Wildflowers
04/17/2021 Norris Dam Wildflowers
04/10/2021 Night Skyscapes Photography
03/30/2021 March 30 Meeting with Richard Bernabe
03/06/2021 What to do in March? Sunrise
02/23/2021 February 2021 Meeting--2021 Salon Reveal
02/20/2021 Little Pigeon River in Black & White
01/26/2021 January 26 Meeting Features Adam Jones
01/23/2021 Sandhill Cranes at Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge Area
11/24/2020 SANP November Zoom Meeting with Tony Sweet
10/31/2020 Sunrise and Fall Foliage Event - Missing Link, Foothills Parkway, GSMNP
10/27/2020 October Club Meeting - Tim Grey Presentation: Workflow Tips for Lightroom Classic and Photoshop
10/24/2020 Morning on the Foothills Parkway and GSMNP
09/29/2020 September 29 Club Meeting
08/25/2020 August 25 Club Meeting

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