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  • Rhododendron Creek Trail Cascades

Rhododendron Creek Trail Cascades

  • 06/19/2021
  • 7:00 AM
  • Greenbrier Ranger Station GSMNP


  • Members and visitors are invited to register.

Registration is closed

SANP Field Event

Rhododendron Creek Trail Cascades

Saturday, June 19, 2021


Leader: Dale Potter    Phone:  (865)-773-8114      E-mail:

Meeting place: Greenbrier Ranger Station GSMNP

Time:  7:00 am

Registration available:  Beginning today 

Description:  This will be an off trail adventure for those who want to visit some cascades that most do not get to see. There will be one stream crossing which should be easily managed. You may want water shoes, but you may just want to enjoy rockhopping.  Have you visited  Alpenrose Falls, Kurume Falls, Glenn Dale Falls, Mountain Laurel Falls, Pinxter Falls, Rhodora Falls, & finally Oldhamii Fall?  These cascades are collectively known as Rhododendron Creek Falls.  The names of the falls vary depending on who you are talking to. Do not expect me to be able to tell you the names of the falls. I only promise to get you in and out of the area.

You can visit Jerry Whaley's description of the area starting at page 44 here and see some of his pics of the area.
For more information about the area vist this page as they 

We may visit a cemetery in this area.This area is an off trail, so you may want to bring a hiking pole for maintaining your balance and assistance on rock hopping the one stream.  

Learning opportunities: 

This is a good location to work on your technique for getting pleasing images of waterfalls and water.

How to meter for the best exposure

How to interpret the histogram for the best exposure.

What shutter speeds to use for the look you want

How to use polarizers and neutral density filters

Lenses of any focal length from 20mm to about 300mm will be useful. Tripod…..mandatory.

What to wear:  It is June. Due to the nature of this event, it is best to wear hiking type clothes that are air wicking and quick drying.  Cotton shirts and jeans will just retain the moisture and make you miserable.  You may want to wear a hat.  Bug Spray may be helpful.

What to bring:  Bring lunch, snacks, and water.  We may be off the trail before lunch but if we decide to visit the steam engine on Injun Creek you may want lunch due to the early start.

Walking required: The trail is an easy to moderate. If we do the trail as a loop it will be about 6.9 miles.  At a minimum 3 miles.  Moderate Elevation.  Our pace will be slower due to stopping along the way.

COVID-19 precautions:

We will practice social distancing and wear masks to mitigate the risk of virus transmission.  


Driving directions: Greenbrier Ranger Station off of Highway 321. It will be on your right about a mile off 321.  This is the same road that one takes for Ramsay Cascades and Porters Creek.  Google or Waze should get you there.

Contacts:     Jerry Whaley, President       Julie Glibbery, Membership Manager       General Information

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