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Sharon Mcconathy

Chester A. Massey Distinguished Service Award

January 26, 2024

Sharon McConathy has been associated with SANP since its early years. Although her work in support of SANP has often been behind the scenes, the results of her work and her impact on club operations have been abundantly visible for two decades.

Sharon served as newsletter editor from 2002 to 2006 and again from 2014 to 2021. She has taken the newsletter from its early format as a simple one-page plain text document to the multimedia publication that we are accustomed to reading today. In the recent member survey, the question about the newsletter received responses of, “it’s fabulous,” “looks fantastic,” “best one I receive,” “I look forward to every one” and “truly exceptional.”

In 2009, when someone was needed to manage the SANP website, Sharon stepped up and filled that role for the next twelve years. She has provided excellent website design and maintenance services to support the changing needs of the club throughout those years. In 2020, during the transition to our new website with its integrated membership management system, she met the challenge with dedication and determination to make it our best website ever. The beautiful website that you enjoy today is the result of her creative redesign and meticulous organization.

Sharon’s work on the newsletter and the website has undoubtedly benefited the club in many ways. The newsletter has provided members with timely information about upcoming events and activities as well as educational articles to help our members improve their photographic skills. New members are continuously drawn into the club by the attractive newsletter publication. The design of the new website has brought welcome benefits to both club members and staff. The convenience of online dues payments and event registrations on the new website is a major enhancement to daily club operations, and the overall attractiveness of the site is appreciated by everyone.

Sharon has retired from her service as newsletter editor and website manager, where she displayed the finest example of excellence throughout her tenure. We are grateful that we can look to her legacy as a standard for our own work in the future.

Southern Appalachian Nature Photographers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, located near the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. 
Mailing address: SANP, 1143 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Ste 107A/231, Oak Ridge, TN 37830

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