November's Featured Speaker

BIO: Frans DeRoos

Frans was in the 9th grade when he was first exposed to photography. He recalls the excitement of building a pinhole box camera. He found the photographic process, from building the camera to final exposed image, to be thrilling. Frans returned to photography in 2012, seeking a creative outlet and a way to balance work and personal time. “As I plunged deep into the world of photography, I found a love and passion that gave me a sense of joy, happiness, and fulfillment.” The idea of capturing God’s creation through landscape photography speaks to Frans. When life’s obligations keep him inside, photography encourages him to get out of the house and experience life outdoors.

Claiming no professional expertise, Frans attributes his knowledge of photography to trial and error, subjecting his images to constructive criticism, and mastery of his camera. This has allowed him to be well-informed as to why he does what he does in photography.

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