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BIO: Nye Simmons

Nye Simmons has been photographing East Tennessee mountains even before moving to the area in 1986. As he transitioned out of whitewater boating after the death of two friends, photography quickly took its place. Safer too, per Nye, except for the occasional ornery wildlife and assorted road and traffic hazards.

Nye is a charter member of SANP. For many years he “free-lanced” and had some success second-guessing and predicting what photos and stories an editor might like, even getting published in some of the National Geographic publications (though he says “the big yellow one eluded me”). He turned to writing books, self-published the first one, and since then has almost exclusively pursued his own vision and projects. After retiring from his primary occupation as an Emergency Physician, he has turned full attention to photography. He conducted his first two workshops this year; more are planned.

Nye used 4x5 and 5x7 film cameras for many years until digital capture reached parity with 4x5 scanned film. At that point, he made the transition without looking back. Currently, he uses a Fuji medium format system as well as a Sony full frame 35mm format camera. Per Nye, technology marches on and we all wonder what comes next.

On Nye’s website,, you’ll find a list of his books and information about upcoming workshops.

(Photo above of Nye Simmons copyright Nye Simmons)

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