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Autumn Sunburst, by David Boruff, Best of Show, 2017 Salon
Autumn Sunburst, by David Boruff, Best of Show, 2017 Salon.

The SANP Zenfolio Gallery was set up in October 2009 to provide a location for members' photographs to be displayed. This approach gives SANP great flexibility in presenting members’ images, thereby promoting the great photographic talent in our organization.

Guidelines (PDF) for use of the Zenfolio website have been approved by the Board. They should ensure that all members have equal ability to submit and display their images. These guidelines will also help ensure that the website is updated with new images on a regular basis. If you have questions about the guidelines, talk to one of the following Zenfolio Managers, each of whom has the ability to post members' photos on the SANP Zenfolio website:

Image Requirements

All submitted images must be (1) nature photographs or (2) images that capture the essence of a destination which may include people and man-made objects.

A photograph's main subject cannot be people, architecture, museum exhibits, trains, cars, common pets and domestic animals, or other subjects that do not inherently occur in nature. Images that meet the definition of the current year's SANP Salon special category will be accepted.

Submission Requirements

  • Name your file using this naming convention:
    photographer's first name_photographer's last name_unique number or title.jpg
    (e.g., john_smith_1234.jpg or john_smith_bloodroot.jpg or john_smith_bloodroot123.jpg)
  • Size your image with a maximum horizontal dimension of 1000 pixels and/or a maximum vertical dimension of 1000 pixels.
  • Limit file size to a maximum of 500 KB.

A member can submit his/her own images or can designate another member to submit the images with expressed permission to do so. A caption and embedded EXIF information may also accompany each image.

Please Note: When a member submits images to be displayed on the SANP Zenfolio website, he/she in so doing expressly agrees to hold SANP harmless of any damages or liability resulting from the display of those images or of any damages or liability from unapproved uses of these images resulting from the website display.

Members are encouraged to embed their copyright information in the metadata for each of their images to protect themselves.