Field Trips or Workshops

Field trips or workshops are a great way for SANP members to share their photographic knowledge with others. If you have a location in mind and wish to share it with others as a group or would like to share your photographic secrets with with a workshop, contact Jim Britt. Anyone can suggest or lead a workshop or field trip.


April 30, 2019
Time: Social time 6:30pm/Meeting 7:00pm
Location: Ramsey Cascades Room in the Watershed Building at Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church. The church is located at 9132 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37923.

At the April club meeting, Mike Naney will be showing us a photographic travelogue he titles “Sailing above the Arctic Circle among giant icebergs -- Scoresby Sound, East Greenland.” Here is Mike’s introduction to the program:

“In the first weeks of August 2017, Linda and I traveled to Scoresby Sound in east Greenland, the world’s largest fjord. This trip heralded several firsts for us: first visit to Greenland, first time above the Arctic Circle, and first trip aboard a sailing ship. We were not far enough north to experience the midnight sun, but sunset at 11 pm and sunrise at 4 am with a glowing horizon in between gave us an appreciation of long arctic summer days. We prepared for the average Scoresby Sound August temperature range -- freezing at night to low 40s during the day -- and were surprised to experience one afternoon that warmed to the low 70s! Our 8-day, 7-night photo tour immersed us in a magnificent wilderness of soaring mountains, abundant glaciers, and countless icebergs.”

Most of our time was spent exploring the interconnected fjords of the Sound in the absence of any human activity other than our small group of photographers and the crew of the 12-passenger wooden sailing ship. Our days typically began with a knock on the cabin door about 3 a.m. accompanied by the announcement, “Be ready to board the zodiacs in 15 minutes.” The biggest challenge for preparing was donning the insulated hooded coveralls and floatation vests! We photographed from zodiacs or the shore for several hours and then returned to the ship for breakfast. After breakfast, the photographers worked on image processing or got a few hours of sleep. This routine was repeated throughout the day (substitute lunch or dinner for the meal) and ended with the call to board the zodiacs around 9:30 p.m. to photograph sunset about 11p.m. As we settled into this disorienting routine, our reference frame for the time of day was determined by the meal served!
--Mike Naney


Mike and Linda Naney's shared enthusiasm for nature and travel can be traced back to their childhoods when both were instilled with adventurous spirits by their parents. Linda's family enjoyed exposure to a number of world cultures during her father's career in the Air Force and more outdoor adventures when the family was at home in rural Wisconsin. Mike's family enjoyed camping, fishing, hiking and hunting weekends in northern California. Linda and Mike met during a full moon bicycle ride on the Cades Cove loop road and were married after numerous shared biking, hiking, kayaking, and cross-country skiing adventures.

Mike’s life-long photography interest began at age 8 when his parents gave him a family Kodak Brownie Reflex camera and taught him how to use it. In 2004, his transition to digital photography renewed his enthusiasm and began his interest in photography as art.

Pisgah National Forest, copyright Heather Crawley
Pisgah National Forest, copyright Heather Crawley, Scenic category, 2017 Salon.