Field Trips

Field trips are a great way for SANP members to share their photographic knowledge with others. If you have a location in mind and wish to share it with others as a group or would like to share your photographic secrets with with a workshop contact Kris Light or Bob Turney. Anyone can suggest or lead a workshop or field trip.


Workshops are a great opportunity for SANP members to learn from experts in our region. If you would like to share your photographic secrets with club members in a workshop setting, contact Brad Cottrell. Anyone can suggest or lead a workshop.


Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Time: Social time 6:30pm/Meeting 7:00pm
Location: Ramsey Cascades Room in the Watershed Building at Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church. The church is located at 9132 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37923. Read more about this new meeting location in the July issue of the SANP newsletter.

At the May meeting, Vinny Colucci presents “The ABC’s of Wildlife Photography.” This program covers Vinny’s approach to wildlife photography, including his basic camera setup, exposure and the histogram.

Vinny’s talk includes information about basic composition, white balance, and equipment along with using flash photography for wildlife. If you have questions about shooting in manual vs program modes such as aperture priority, this presentation should answer them. What is the best auto focus for shooting subjects like birds in flight? Join us on May 29, to find out!

There will be a few door prizes given at the end of the program.


Pisgah National Forest, copyright Heather Crawley
Pisgah National Forest, copyright Heather Crawley, Scenic category, 2017 Salon.

Presenter and award-winning photographer Vinny Colucci has been an active photographer since 1979 and a shooting professional since 1995. He has photographed from North Carolina to the west coast and north to the Canadian Rockies. Along with his wife Annette, Vinny conducts nature and wildlife photography workshops throughout the year.

Vinny is a active outdoorsman and a member of Nikon's Professional Services and Wimberley Professional Services as well as a sponsored Mindshift / Think Tank Photographer. Vinny is also a Singh-Ray Filter Technical Advisor. His images have appeared in multiple publications, including Nature Photographer Magazine, New Bern Travel Magazine, Microwave Journal, and various other publications. He has also authored and co-authored multiple books.

His speaking engagements have included Popular Photography Magazine, as well as presentations at Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI), St. Augustine Photo & Birding Festival, Orlando Wetlands Festival, Crane Festival and several universities around the country.

Editor’s note: This bio comes from Vinny’s website, which also includes a lot of interesting information about equipment and events.

Vinny Colucci