Field Trips

Field trips are a great way for SANP members to share their photographic knowledge with others. If you have a location in mind and wish to share it with others as a group or would like to share your photographic secrets with with a workshop contact Kris Light or Bob Turney. Anyone can suggest or lead a workshop or field trip.


Workshops are a great opportunity for SANP members to learn from experts in our region. If you would like to share your photographic secrets with club members in a workshop setting, contact Brad Cottrell. Anyone can suggest or lead a workshop.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Time: Social time 6:30pm/Meeting 7:00pm
New Location: Ramsey Cascades Room in the Watershed Building at Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church. The church is located at 9132 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37923. Read more about the new meeting location in the July issue of the SANP newsletter.

Our September presenter is Tommy White. He will be presenting “The Art of Visualization.” Ever wonder if you’re picking the best possible image to edit? Do you know the basics of composition, but not sure how to take it any further.  How about the use of tone and color to accentuate your image? Do you visualize the mood of your final product when you’re out shooting, even when the shot has no mood?

Get the answers! Learn “why” things are done this way by the professionals and how it affects the outcome. Make small changes with big results!  Learn to “see” and experience your scene in a whole different way. The Art of Visualization takes you through composition and the correct selection process, the rigors of the pre-edit and full retouching, to a finished product that has technical excellence, a strong composition and the drama or mood you desire.


Tommy White is a Visual Artist and Landscape Photographer in the Southern Appalachians. Living in the quaint mountain town of Boone, North Carolina, Tommy is immersed in the heart of old mountain culture and the incredible beauty of the High Country.

With a great passion for nature and the Outdoors, Tommy enjoys exploring the remote reaches of the western North Carolina wilderness. His connection with the natural world is best seen captured in his dramatic and dynamic imagery. Tommy’s lifelong passion is evident in his work, and his style is unmistakable.

As a Photography instructor, Tommy enjoys sharing his years of experience and his artistic approach with aspiring photographers. Tommy is especially fond of helping photographers identify and nurture their artistic vision and, more importantly, how to bring it to life. This is an aspect of photography that is frequently overlooked in the common quest for speedy improvement and tomorrow’s post. 

Be sure to check out his website at

Pisgah National Forest, copyright Heather Crawley
Pisgah National Forest, copyright Heather Crawley, Scenic category, 2017 Salon.